5 Essential Elements For תגיש לי

Should you have not developed the media you then It's also advisable to specify in which you discovered it, i.e., typically hyperlink to the web site in which you received it, as well as terms of use for written content from that webpage. Should the material can be a spinoff of a copyrighted get the job done, you need to provide the names and a licence of the initial authors as well.

אני חילונית ונהנית וזה ממש לא נכון שצעירים מגעילים...יש חילונים שעושים אהבה ולא סקס

Hello Deror avi, as you'll be able to see at COM:UDEL, I have restored the four recordings. Provided that the four recordings are derived functions which might be excempt from copyright limitations as They are really considered incidental, it would be Potentially beneficial to make a template comparable to FoP-Israel which refers to COM:DM#Israel.

You should recall to reply to and – if acceptable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which give attention to the nominator won't impact the results of the nomination. Thank you!

File:Israeli_Air_Force_P5080104.JPG is detailed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Local community can examine no matter if it ought to be retained or not. We'd value it if you could potentially go to voice your feeling concerning this at its entry.

The third Element of the novel requires us to 2009. עשר שנים מאוחר יותר מיום מסירת ה"אגדה" במסגרת שיחת החניכה, מתואר ברומן אתר אינטרנט בשם "ילדה ועכברוש" ומצוטט ממנו מחזור שירים.10 decades following passing about the "legend" an odd Web page titled "Lady&rat" seems on the net. Its mysterious poems, published by an anonymous entity, could very well be the grandmother's creation Or even they were written both from the granddaughter or by one among her classmates who now heard the story by way of The college challenge.

האמור לעיל לא בא במקום ייעוץ משפטי ולא מהווה לו תחליף. ההסתמכות על המידע באחריות המשתמש בלבד!

Image deletion warning Graphic:PA190094.JPG has been mentioned at Commons:Deletion requests so which the Group can examine no matter whether it ought to be stored or not. We might recognize it if you could drop by voice your view about this at its entry.

could you make sure you edit the description of the above named photo (now: The Reichstag crafted from chocolate - in a Berlin shop)? The particular Berlin shop wherever this chocolate model was produced is Fassbender&Rausch on the Gendarmenmarket. Could you mention this store as part of your graphic despription?

If you made read more this file, make sure you Take note that The point that it has been proposed for deletion does not always imply that we don't worth your form contribution. It just ensures that a single man or woman believes that there is some precise issue with it, like a copyright issue.

הבעיה לדעתי היא בצורת החשיבה שלך לגבי הגבולות בין אחריות אישית ואחריות ממסדית. הדת- היא מקום של "תשובות". אם יש לך איזושהי דאגה תמיד תקבלי מענה מארכאה גבוהה יותר בכל נושא שהו. בעולם החילוני אין תשובות- אך יש לך את הזכות לשאול שאלות, לברר בשביל עצמך כיצד את רוצה לחיות את חייך.

The viewers geography information describes where website visitors to this site in the last thirty day period are located, And just how the internet site is ranked

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ואל תספרו לי שכל הסטודנטיות לחינוך באוניברסיטת בר אילן משילות בלילה את החצאיות בפראות ומתחפשות לסמנת'ה ג'ונס.

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